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Real Investments

Investing in Real Estate

  • 06/20/2017

    Article in Arkansas Life Magazine

    Flattering piece in the June 2017 Arkansas Life issue: http://arkansaslife.com/chip-off-the-old-blocks/

  • 02/18/2017

    Press Release: New Kids Own the Block

    Young developers form alliance: take down nearly an entire city block   Rock Capital Real Estate today revealed that its plans to develop the historic Hall and Davidson buildings (201 – 215 W. Capitol Ave.) into a new boutique hotel.  … Continue reading

  • 06/16/2015

    Osborne House

    We have successfully negotiated the lease-option for Osborne estate.

  • 06/11/2015

    *This* is When it’s Time to Buy

    This is when it’s time to buy! This is when it’s time to buy!! This is when it’s time to buy!!! Not when the economy is at a bang, but when it is at a whimper. In part two of … Continue reading

  • 03/06/2015

    Nut Cutting Time – The #1 Problem in the World Today

    The #1 problem in the world today. I am gifted at math. Really. I taught myself how to multiply and divide when the rest of my class was learning addition. I scored in the top .1% nationally in math in … Continue reading

  • 10/26/2014

    Sterling Building

    Rental Realty will manage the Sterling Building downtown Little Rock at Capitol and Center. We look forward to the renovation of this historic building.

  • 09/26/2013

    New Awning!

    What a beautiful sight! The interior stylists awning is no more, and Rental Realty is front and center now at 400 N. Van Buren. Rick’s Razorback Tent & Awning did a wonderful job on the awning. We at Rental Realty … Continue reading

  • 08/27/2013

    We’re Moving!

    This is Everett here (I’m the guy on the right in the picture), and I’m pleased to announce that Rental Realty is moving to its new location! That’s our new building behind us in the picture, and we couldn’t be more … Continue reading

  • 12/20/2012

    To buy a house, or not to buy a house. That is the question. [Part 1]

    It is a common belief that, when deciding between owning a home and renting a home, homeownership is always a better choice.  When the recession hit and home prices fell, this thinking changed: The belief that homes always increase in … Continue reading

  • 08/01/2012

    borrow today’s dollars and repay with tomorrow’s dimes.

    People may think: Jordan, you’re too young to be a real estate investor. My successful journey in real estate began 8 years ago when I started to realize the importance of the fluctuating value of a dollar.  I commonly tell people … Continue reading